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Children travel the world and explore new cultures with Fun Explorers!

Your child will be taken on a fascinating and exciting journey to all four corners of the globe to discover it’s people and their cultures with traditional games, art and craft activities, tasting local cuisine and experiencing festivals, all helping to immerse your child into every country they visit!

Fun Explorers Clubs take place in extra-curricular clubs in primary schools and venues across the UK, so complete our form to register your interest, and we will let your school know about our amazing course!


Is your child a future Fun Explorer?

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Our Clubs are fully insured, and all club leaders are fully DBS checked and follow up-to-date safeguarding guidance to ensure your child is in the best hands.

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Could you inspire the next generation of children through culture?

Why not become a Fun Explorers Franchisee?

As a Fun Explorers Franchise Owner, you would be giving children in your area a real awareness of the differing cultures, languages and traditions from around the world in a fun exciting way which in turn will not only increase their concept of the world but will also help them to understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same but everyone must be appreciated – we hope that in turn they will eventually become well read, well-travelled, knowledgeable, open minded young adults with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

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Educational AND Fun!

Like our language clubs, Fun Explorers is a course where children will have hours of fun, while opening their eyes to a world of culture and opportunity.

Children's Activities Association Member

Children's Activities Association Member

Parents can be reassured that as members of the CAA, all LCF Clubs follow policies and procedures vetted by the CAA, which promote the welfare and safety of children in regular activities. 

35+ Years Experience

Fun Explorers is part of LCF and benefits from LCF’s 35+ years of experience operating children’s clubs, bringing with it a level of trust and knowledge that is invaluable. 

Fun Explorers

Welcome To Fun Explorers

Why Was Fun Explorers Created?

Fun Explorers was established to give children a unique opportunity to travel the world experiencing a wide range of cultures and languages without leaving their classroom. With the increased importance of cultural capital in the primary curriculum, children will benefit from widened horizons, while schools can rely on a fantastic experience for their pupils. 

What Can a Fun Explorer Expect?

A huge array of exciting activities awaits a ‘Fun Explorer’ including:

  • Performing the world famous ‘Haka’ in New Zealand
  • Dancing the ‘Samba’ in Brazil
  • Karaoke singing in Japan
  • Designing and making ‘talking drums’ in The Ivory Coast
  • Making and tasting ‘Mango Smoothies’ in India

Who Created Fun Explorers?

The Fun Explorer experience has been designed by passionate and enthusiastic specialists whose aim is to give the children a real feel for the countries they visit and a glimpse into everyday life as well as age old traditions.

Fun Explorers

What is a Fun Explorer?


A Child With Understanding Of Travel & Culture

A ’Fun Explorer’ will become a well-travelled and knowledgeable individual with a real awareness and understanding of the World and its people.

Understands and Appreciates Others

A ‘Fun Explorer’ will have a well-rounded, broad concept of the World and will recognise, understand and appreciate others, no matter how different they appear.

All Round Superstar

A ‘Fun Explorer’ will have earned the right to truly be called ‘A Global Citizen’
LCF Fun Explorers Logo

The Fun Explorers

Our Story

Fascinated, excited, educated and fulfilled by their amazing family travel experiences, our amazing course writers realised the need to give other children the opportunity to visit countries all over the world and to experience a wide range of cultures and languages without having to leave their school!

So, Fun Explorers began with a group of Primary school children in Birmingham, England, being given the opportunity to discover and experience life in a number of diverse and exciting countries during a week long Summer Holiday Club, without the need to leave their home!

After the success of the Summer Holiday Club, it immediately became apparent that there was a real eagerness to learn about other countries throughout the world and to continue their new found curiosity and travel experiences.

Following an initial pilot (which was overwhelmingly oversubscribed) and incredibly positive feedback from both parents and children alike, recognising the benefits of learning about the World and its cultures, we decided to expand this opportunity openly in the Primary school market as an extra curriculum ‘Fun Explorer Club’.

Carrying on from the growth in Home Schooling and the unexpected Covid-19 outbreak, a Fun Explorers Home Learning package was introduced, allowing children to experience the excitement and magic of being a Fun Explorer, from their own home. 

Now, the Fun Explorers franchise offering is graudally spreading across the United Kingdom, where we hope to expand to all the corners of our own fantastic country. 

Fun Explorers is part of the LCF Clubs family and benefits from LCF’s 35+ years of experience operating children’s clubs.