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The Home Learning package is just £2/$3 per week (SIBLINGS FREE)

Fun Explorers

Reminder Of What Fun Explorers Is

A fantastic Home Learning package which will take your children on an imaginary captivating journey around the world and open their eyes to its people and cultures.

The cost for the Home Learning package is just £2/$3 per week (SIBLINGS FREE), available in a 12 week unit for just £24/$36 payable by bank transfer or via PayPal.

After the initial 12 weeks, subsequent packages are also available in order that your little ones may ‘carry on travelling and exploring’ with more countries and experiences to learn about!

We really hope that you decide to take up the offer as we think it will be a wonderful opportunity for your children to experience life in other countries and in turn will help them to become worldly wise global citizens.


The Home Learning package is just £2/$3 per week (and siblings are FREE)

The idea is to give the children a real awareness of the differing cultures, languages and traditions from around the world in a fun exciting way which in turn will not only increase their concept of the world but will also help them to understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same but everyone must be appreciated – we hope that in turn they will eventually become well read, well-travelled, knowledgeable, open minded young adults with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.